Wallet Game API

Integrate your game with our wallet system. Allow your game to interact easily with users' wallet accounts and to use any of our supported currencies in your game. Get your users to spend them, use them, challenge their friends, gamble, bet, pay for in-app purchases, etc.

Supported features include:

Register user

Login user

Withdraw coins

Deposit coins

Events (for reports and additional data gathering)



Additional features that can be provided are game-specific reports for the developer as well as game-specific daily/weekly/monthly competitions and rewards according to the agreement.

These services we always customize per request. Normal usage does not require these.

You can start developing any time. We offer freely available test credentials to start using our staging/testing environment APIs as convenient for use. However, please do not misuse the credentials as we may have to limit the access or remove the public credentials from use. If you feel that test credentials do not work, please contact us!

Your testing Game API credentials are:

  • endpoint URL: https://staging-api.payapiescrow.com
  • uuid: b438b0d5-efb1-40b6-b438-63228decea38
  • apiKey: B4fuD3PAO6zNrF75GnXrK4sfGZyFYDS4

The easy start for testing the API includes:

  1. Authenticate app with /v1/game/auth endpoint using above test credentials
  2. Use the received token as bearer authorization; click Swagger "Authorize" and add the token in format: "Bearer TOKEN"
  3. After that, you can test all endpoints, e.g. register new user, then do user login, then fetch user's saldo, withdraw coins to game, deposit coins back to wallet from the game, send game events

    NOTE: the user authentication login token (userAuth) is valid for 1 hour normally.

That's it. Happy coding!

{ status: 'ready', feeling: 'happy', success: 100 }

CONTACT US once your integration is complete and you are ready to start in production/live mode. We will provide you with live API key and user uuid, as well as prepare your game listing into the wallet dashboard for public launch. The potential to reach our tens of thousands of existing wallet users!
Of course, we will review your game before we accept the game to be added in our wallet listings and to enable the production access.

API DOCUMENTATION IS AVAILABLE VIA SWAGGER DOCS. The API is a normal HTTPS RESTful API supporting JSON payloads. The documentation includes curl examples.

Access API documentation here: staging-api.payapiescrow.com/docs

Show Game API Specification

Try how it work!

Some games that have already been integrated with our wallet system.



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